This page is setup in advance of the Technologies in Congregations meeting at UUCG (Greenville, NC) on 17March2012.

Topics We Hope to Hear

  1. Blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Facbook, ... what is effective at getting our UU message out to a broader audience?
    • ESPECIALLY: what works in RE and for our Young Adults?
  2. How do you congregations afford to meet the requirements for the many users of Technologies in the Meeting space? How do we all balance needs for:
    • High quality sermon audio and flexibility for multiple speakers and music
    • Capturing sermon audio for replay "podcasts" or as audio archives
    • Dealing with the hearing impaired using audio amplification or loop audio systems
  3. How to manage the technology requirements for staff and key lay leaders?
    • Provide personal computers or equivalent or support the staff/lay leader owned devices?
    • How to keep member Sensitive Personal Information secure?
    • What to do about demand for wireless networking, while maintain some information security?

Outcomes Going Forward

  1. Ongoing communications and fora for exchange of Practices for Technologies in Congregations
    • Is this web site useful to assist as an exchange?
      It has positive attributes: flexible, no ads (for non-profits), and no billionaire owners
  2. An awareness of how pervasive technologies are in expanding awareness and acceptance of our Unitarian Universalist principles
    • Have we gone from technical literacy being an optional to an essential element of our survival as an institution?