Did you ever need to a make large file or large set of files available on the Internet? Here are links to online digital archive services that have proven to be valuable for some SED UUA congregations:
  • box.net - free and pay options. [C3H]
    Pros: The free option can accept files up to 10MB using the web upload utility. Up to 2GB total on free service. Owner/reader privilege settings, owner can create URLs that can be put into web site (or Wiki) markup.
    Cons: Not usable with (s)ftp or rsync, must use the box.net client services
  • docs.google.com - free and pay options [C3H]
    Pros: very nice document sharing capabilities which can be downloaded as Excel compatible spreadsheets and Word compatible documents
    Cons: not a very good privacy commitment to the free service. There is a reason Google has made its founders BILLIONAIRES by extracting and sharing OUR information! (YGWYPF)
  • facebook.com - guess most of you have heard of this one!
    Pros: ok for sharing of member and group activities, BUT
    Cons: the privacy policy and constantly changing way of engaging it are maddening. There is a reason facebook.com has made its founders BILLIONAIRES by extracting and sharing OUR information! (YGWYPF)
  • mirra.com - free to those with a Mirra server [C3H]
    Pros: very good replication technology for local (LAN) attached PCs. Good bargains for Mirra servers on eBay or Craigs List.
    Cons: the web service is only useful for small (less than 1MB) files and Seagate apparently isn't selling the Mirra servers anymore. Not clear how long mirra.com will stay online.
  • Pogoplug.com - free service to those who purchase Pogoplug Cloud products [C3H]
    Pros: Several companies have partnered with Pogoplug.com including Seagate with the Dockstar and Buffalo Technologies Cloudstor Network Storage. and Pogoplug markets its own line of Cloud storage devices. Like many "Cloud" products, there is a unique interface. All generation Pogoplug enabled devices worked well to share modest size audio files (up to 30MB or so) and allow streaming directly from the Pogoplug enabled device. At C3H we have a Dockstar device setup in the Soundroom that imports the recorded sermon audio by just switching the digital recorder to "USB mode". Details are available here. Apps available for PCs, Macs, Smartphones for those managing the Pogoplug files.
    Cons: Not usable with traditional (s)ftp or rsync has custom upload/download app.