Technology Stuff Available Reference

Have you ever wondered if other area churches were getting rid of some technology stuff, like a printer or an old PC that your congregation could really use, but can't get the funding for? Yes, there are bargains to be had on eBay or Craig's List, but sometimes the stuff we have available in our churches just isn't worth the time and effort to list on eBay or deal with the phone calls and visits from people one gets from Craig's List. And unless you use a fixed-price bidding web service like, eBay can take a lot of your time.

Perhaps we can start a simple "Technology Stuff Available Reference" noting resources which offer to match non-profit donors and recipients to Computers and Electronics, especially IT Stuff. Some of us have done this before, so we strongly advise that you only use web site or Wikispace IDs as contact names here, don't post any real e-mail address.

For our purposes, here are some places that our member congregations have found reputable to find or share Technology stuff for reuse:

IT Stuff Available
Who referred
Matching Organization/Dealer
Contact Information
Computers and Electronics Matching Donors to Recipients
Been in operation since 1994, long list of resources available, usually requires that your church pay shipping. Suggested min donation to use the service is $20.
Small Electronics Goods Recycling
Goodwill Community Foundation or Yellow Pages
Though GCF stores don't accept PCs anymore, small electronics items and printers do show up. Sales at stores supports and other programs.
Small Electronics and Large Electronics
Habitat for Humanity ReStores (NC ReStores) or Yellow Pages
Habitat has been taking in small electronics (radio gear including ham radio, boom boxes, stereo system components and large electrical appliances such as stoves, large screen TVs, etc for years. Almost always tested and priced similar to eBay.
Computer and Electronics Recycling
PTA Thrift Shops
Many in the region, search online or Yellow Pages
Often can get very good condition 3-4yr old Electronics and Office Equipment for less than eBay prices, usually tested, though sometimes just parts machines!
Just About Anything
Craigslist and eBay,
You've probably heard of these! Take care with eBay has reputations of sellers available that you should check!
If you post an e-mail address on CraigsList or elsewhere on the Internet, you will likely get e-mail from all over the world, emploring you to ship whatever you posted to them. It is never cost effective to do so, but there is an organization that can help all those well-deserving folk who may contact you. Go ahead and refer such inquiries (using a disposable e-mail service like perhaps) to: