Free and low cost teleprompter software

Many a church is now creating video podcasts, the most popular is YouTube videos. One really amateurish look-and-feel issue: the presenter looking everywhere BUT at you, the viewer. Professional "talent" or "newsreaders" learned long ago that you have to have some form of "teleprompter" as well as backup notes in front of you. The number and quality of software packages available and tunable for this use grows yearly. Here are several packages that have had good reviews across church organization web sites. This list includes the lower cost or no cost packages under $50 that don't have marketing engines plastering reviews all over the internet.

Teleprompter software reveiws

Freeware teleprompter software

There are several very well reviewed free teleprompter software packages:
  • Proverb Teleprompter very basic program uses .NET packages on Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7
  • EasyPrompter has both a web version and a dowloadable version that run in just about any browser on many different kinds of hardware including laptop PCs or Macbooks and Android tablets. The author credits the two web versions below as giving him ideas. EasyPrompter seems a bit more up-to-date than the next two listed.
  • CuePrompter web only version also works on many browsers
  • Instant

Low cost teleprompter software

  • PodcastAutocue from the guy who put together the excellent CamStudio 2.0 collection, this is a low cost ($35) Windows only package with more bells-and-whistles than the freeware above
  • PromptDog cutesy name, but this $60 package draws excellent reviews from many places. Written by a company that produces professional video for a living, so this has even more bells-and-whistles and interfaces with features designed to support quick retakes of sections.