tjstates.gifTechnology in Congregations Sharing Wiki for Southern Region of UUA Congregations

Welcome to this Wikispace setup to support the use of Technology in Congregations !,
especially across the Southern Region of the Unitarian-Universalist Association (UUA).

You may navigate this site using the links on the left of each page in this Wikispace. We are hoping that those volunteers and staff working on projects that include interesting uses of many different technologies across UUA Congregations will add their $0.02 here and build up a reservoir of knowledge here!

This site has been revived during the preparations for a Technologies in Congregations meeting in Greenville NC March 2012. A page devoted to findings from that meeting may be found here.

Technology leaders are invited to join this Wikispace by clicking the "Join" link at the top of the page. There is no fee, and no ads, and no selling of information gathered here! After doing so you will be able to edit pages of your own to test or build your own Technology in Congregations tools page.

You may navigate through this Wikispace web site using the links on the left. Some highlights of this Wikispace:

To become a member and contribute to this Wiki, please contact: Mark Smith
Community Church of Chapel Hill (C3H) Soundroom and Technology Guy